11200mAh Portable Solar Power Battery Charger With Flashlight


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11200mAh Portable Solar Power Battery Charger With Flashlight


Suitable for using at home, traveling, camping in nature, etc.
Stylish, high quality solar panel protected by a layer of  fiberglass
Lightweight and high capacity 11200mAh
Environmentally and economically ecological
Solar battery charger for all your multimedia & electronic equipment, such as Laptop, camcorder, MP3/MP4, PDA, cell phone, GPS, digital camera, game console, DVD player
Short-circuit protection, overloading and overheating
Comes with a bag for easy carrying – great for business trips
Mosquito repellent function
Small LED torch light function
High capacity 11200 mAh battery


Primary Function: High Capacity Solar Charger and Battery
Solar Panel Type: Polycrystalline with fiberglass layer
Battery: 11,200 mAh 3.7V
Material of Battery: Lithium-ion polymer
Solar Charging Power (per hour): 1,000 mAh (MAX)
Charging Time
AC: Approx 3 hrs
Solar: Approx 11-12 hrs
Output (V): 5/9/12/16V
Output (A): 1A/5V, 2A/9-12V, 4A/16
Input (V): 18V
Input (A): 1000mA max
Charge Voltage: 100~240V AC/DC
Charging current: 2A(max)
Ultrasonic mosquito killer: 40~80000HZ auto frequency conversion
Distance of mosquito killer: 100 Sq. Feet
Flashlight: 10mm white LED
laptop adapters to work with most laptop models, including:
 ASUS, HP, Samsung, Acer/T1, Dell, IBM, NEC, Toshiba, Sony
other adapter that work with most digital products, including:
 Mobile Phone Brands: Motorola, LG, Nokia, Samsung, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, Apple, Palm One, Blackberry, JVC
 Digital Camera and Camcorder Brands: Canon, Samsung, Casio, Pentax, Minolta, Olympus, Kodak, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Casio, Nikon, Sony

 PSP and many other electronic devices
1 USB adapter for any USB-powered devices:
 iPod, iPhone, and many other electronic devices
Working Temperature: -5 ~ +60 deg C
Dimensions: 171mm X 96mm X 28mm (L X W X D)


Solar energy charging function can only be used to supply power in emergency situation. It is mainly charging by indoor AC wall before used it outdoor. Because the solar panel power is small, charging is very slow even though the sunlight is very strong.

Package included:

1 x High Capacity Solar Charger and Battery
1 x Digital Products Adapter Tips
1 x Laptop Adapter Tips
1 x USB Adapter Tip
1 x AC Power Adapter (100-240V)
1 x Car Cigarette Power Adapter
1 x USB Charging Cable

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