2.4V Rechargeable NiMH Cordless Home Phone Battery For Uniden BT-1015


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2.4V Rechargeable NiMH Cordless Home Phone Battery For Uniden BT-1015

Description :

Weight : 43g
Voltage : 2.4V
Bland/ Model : Uniden BT-1015

Compatible with :

Sprint 89340
NABC 721040000
Battery biz B730, B-730
Dantona BATT-17, BATT17
Energizer ER-P506, ERP506
Lenmar CBC206, CBC-206
Empire CPH-479B, CPH479B
Memorex MPH-6925, MPH6925
Vtech VT-62-9116B, VT629116B
Again & Again STB-956, STB956
GE 1833916, 26602, TL26602, TL-26602
Interstate batteries ATEL0035, TEL0035

Compatible with :

Panasonic : HHR-P506, HHR-P506A, HHR-P506A1B, HHR-15F2G1, KX-TG2000B Handset, KX-TG4000B Handset, KX-TGA200, KX-TGA200B, KX-TGA4000B, KX-TGA400, KX-TGA400B, KX-TGA420B, PQHHR150AAZ1, PQHHR150AA21, PQP506SVC, Type 17, MHP506A, HSCO506, HSCOC06, HHRP506, HHRP506A, HHRP506A1B, HHR15F2G1, KXTG2000B Handset, KXTG4000B Handset, KXTGA200, KXTGA200B, KXTGA4000B, KXTGA400, KXTGA400B, KXTGA420B, MHP-506A

Radio Shack/Tandy : 23-9096, 43-3533, 43-3534, 43-3541, 43-3542, 43-3543, ET-3533, ET-3534, ET-3541, ET-3542, ET-3543, 239096, 433533, 433534, 433541, 433542, 433543, ET3533, ET3534, ET3541, ET3542, ET3543
Uniden : BT904, BP904, BT1007, BT1015, BBTY0460001, BBTY0510001, BBTY0624001, BBTY0700001, CEZAi2998, DCX150, DECT1500, EXP370, EXP370A, EXP370CS, EXP371, EXP371A, EXP3710, EXP380, EXP4540, EXP4541, EXP970, EXP971, EZAi2997, EZi2996, EZX290, BT-904, BP-904, BT-1007, BT-1015, DCX-150, DECT-1500, EXP-370, EXP-370A, EXP-370CS, EXP-371, EXP-371A, EXP-3710, EXP-380, EXP-4540, EXP-4541, EXP-970, EXP-971, EZAi-2997, EZi-2996, EZX-290

Package Included :

1 x cordless phone battery

Detail Pictures :


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