2.5W Solar Charger 6V 410mA Pannel


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2.5W Solar Charger 6V 410mA Pannel


This Solar Charger Panel is a Photoelectric conversion equipment  change the solar energy into electric energy,then store this section of energy. Whenever the energy is need,it can be transfer for many digital products such as digital camera,mobile phone,GPS,Ipod,MP3,MP4 via the connector and cable line.What is worth to mention is that this solar charger can be charged
via AC100V-240V,suitable for traveling,hiking,going a trip for business,ect.


Output Voltage:6V
Max Output Current:410mA
Connector:DC-MOT,nok,sam,son ERI,ect mobile phone.
Output cable line:80cm
Packing Size:300 x 185 x 55 mm
Product weight:86g
BAG weight:135g
Net Weight:135g

Package Included:

1 X 2.5W Solar Charger Panel.


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