4 LED Rechargeable Solar Powered Cellphone Charger Flashlight


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4 LED Rechargeable Solar Powered Cellphone Charger Flashlight Torch FM Radio

Description :

Color white
Net weight 93g
Led life >10,000h
Material plastic casing
Power expense <0.5W
Speaker voltage 0.25W
Solar pannel 5.5V 0.6W
Length of wrist strap 21cm
Radio frequency 88.7MHz~108MHz
Dimension 13.5(L) x 6.0(W) x 2.6(H)cm
Length of usb power input cable 55cm
Length of DC charging output cable 15cm
Charging time 8~10 hours (strong sunlight), 1~2 hour (indoor power: 5V/300mA)

Specification :

1.Hand strip for easy to carry.
2.Efficient monocrystalline solar panel.
3.Mobile phone charger for most popular models.
4.Four high brightness LED lights with life more 10,000 hours.
5.USB cable with 3 connectors attached for charging different devices.
6.LED Flashlight Charger with sensitive FM radio and auxiliary charge jack.
7.This 4 LED Flashlight can charge your mobile phone and digital products by solar power.
8.Multi-Function Solar Powered Flashlight is suitable for camping, travel, outdoor activities, etc.
9.,Features : 4 White LED, LED ON/OFF button, Solar Panel, Mobile Phone Charging Output, Volume Wheel, Solar Charger Switch, Charging Indicator, Radio Reset Button, Radio Scan Button, Power Input.

Operation Instruction
1.Charge this product before use
 (There are two ways to charge it )
1)Put it under the sunshine. The solar power will convert to electrical energy and charge the built-in rechargeable battery. The charge indicator will be bright when charging.
2)Use an AC-DC power charger. Insert the power charger into AC 100-240V and the other end into jack. Also the charge indicator will be bright when charging.
2.FM Radio 1)Turn on the volume button and adjust to the desires level.
2)Select your desired channel by pressing the radio scan button.
3.Flashlight Push button to turn on/off the LED light.
4.Charge mobile phone during emergencies Insert the charging cable into jack and select the correct adapter for your phone.
Insert the adapter in your phone and the other end into the charging cable to start charging.

Package Included :

1 x manual
1 x mini usb plug
1 x sony ericsson plug
1 x nokia DC 2.5mm plug
1 x usb power input cable
1 x dc charging output cable
1 x solar powered 4 led flashlight radio cell phone charger

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