5W 1500mw Wireless Cordless LED Cure Hardening Lamp Light for Dentist


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Description :
5W 1500mw Wireless Cordless Dental LED Cure Hardening Lamp Light for Dentist

It can cure the resin with the wavelength of 420-480nm, and be used to repair the teeth in the department of stomatology.
The light-emitting diodes has long life, which can greatly reduce the costs of future maintenance of the machine.
Intensity using a two-stage design, first low-light irradiation, and then glare rapid curing.

This can inhibit the excessive contraction of the resin surface, avoid cracks between cavities edge.

Features : 

1. User-friendly design, which makes the doctors feel more comfortable during operating.
2. Noiseless operation,stable, free from the annoyance of noise and vibration of traditional machines.
3. lotus charging pedestal.
4. Automatic standby/shutdown.
5. Handle can be placed horizontally/upright to ensure that the light guide stick is not easy to break.
6. Low battery alert.
7. Wireless curing light with charging.
8. 5W high power LED.
9. High permeability rate of glass fiber-optic, strong, flashing, gradually strong 3 modes.
10. Large capacity lithium battery, brands of resin materials.
11. Long standby time of 90 days or more.
12. Constant light intensity. The solidification effect is not affected by the consumption of remaining power.
13. Be charged one time(4-8hours), in accordance with each working time of 20 seconds, it can be used continuously for more than 130 times.

Specifications : 

1. Input Voltage : 110v-240V AC,50-60HZ
2. Output Voltage : main d.c.3.7V
3. Battery : Lithium-ion battery
4. Capability of Battery : 1400mAh
5. Battery Voltage : 4.2V
6. Relative humidity : <=80%
7. Suitable temperature : 5?-50?
8. Solidify time and depth : 5s/3mm
9. Light Wavelength : 1500mw/cm²
10. Light Wavelength : 420-480nm
11. Color : Silver, Black, Grey, Blue, Orange

Note : Package only one color, please select the color you like to buy 🙂

Package includes :  

1 x LED Curing light unit (Silver, Black, Grey, Blue, Orange for Option)
1 x Light Guide Stick
1 x Power Adapter (Comes with a mini adapter according to your country 🙂
1 x Light-shielding Sheet
1 x User Manual

Details pictures :  


Color Black, Color Blue, Color Orange, Color Silver


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