BOYU ZW-66 LED Fish Food Feeder Aquarium Automatic Timer For Fish Tank


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?Novel design and elegant outlook.
?Removable food canister.
?LED display.
?Humanized setup mode. Different feeding may be programmed according to different types of breeding and feeding habits.
?Variety of setup modes are available for your choose.
?Real time and easy using controlling models make feed automatical.
?24h real time controlling model: it can be set 1~4 times of feeding points within 4 hours.
?Easy using model: set the internal time for feeding only. Set for 1 or 2 circle feeding model which can control the feeding amount.
?2 pieces of 1.5V batteries power; led display shows time and controlling information.
?With alarm function when the voltage of the batteries is too low.

Product Attributes:

Material: Plastic
Color: Black
Quantity: 1 Pcs

Fish Food Feeder SKU137765(ZW-82) SKU137853(ZW-66) SKU015941 SKU150575
Button  Large plastic button Plastic button No button Silica gel button
Set up feeding times Set 1-4 times a day Set 1-2 times a day Set 1-4 times a day
Display LED Without LED LED
Size(L x W x H ) 139x96x120mm

Using Instructions:

Product Structure:


(1)Time-Real Time Setup Mode.
(2)Set-Time Setup.
(3)Re-Remaining Time.
(4)S-Simple Setup Mode.
(5)Number 1~4: It displays either the program number under the mode of "Time" or the feeding times in 24 hours Under the
mode of "s.
(6)Arrow label: It displays the feeding circles. Onemeans 1 circle, and 2 circles max. No  means no feeding.
(7)Time:It displays either the local time under the mode of "Time", or the remaining time for next feeding under the Mode of "s".

Mode setup:

Local Time setup:
Press MODE button, and choose the hour and the minute by SET button. Change the numbers by pressing the
ADJUST button.

Manual Feeding:
The machine will feed 1 time automatically when pressed the FEEDER button(except the moment of feeding).

Real-Time Feeding Mode Setup:(1 to 4 programs in 24 hours)
Press MODE button to the mode of TIME for setup. Press SET button for 1st feeding program, press SET
button again to choose hours/minutes/feeding circles and adjust them by ADJUST button(if the feeding circles
are not setup, the machine will not feed when the time is reached.) Press MODE button to set up 2nd program,
maximum 4 programs can be set up. Press MODE button finally and start working under the modes when all
programs are set up.

Simple Mode Setup:(1 to 3 times feeding in 24 hours)
Press the MODE button to the modes of S. Press SET button for next step. Press MODE button to choose
the times you want in 24 hours(numbers displayed are the time for next feeding). Press ADJUST button to choose
the feeding circles(1 circles at least). Press SET button to logout and the mode is being started. (it's automatically
run for 1 time when logout and display the time left for next feeding)
Remark: When manual feeding under this mode(PRESS MANUAL button), the time is re-calculated form the beginning
after the feeding.

Package Include:

1 x BOYU ZW-66 Fish Food Feeder (Batteries are not included)

1.Due to the light and screen difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures. Please understand. Make sure you don't mind before you bid.
2.Please allow 1-5mm differences due to manual measurement.


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