OPHIR Portable Airbrush Compressor Kit for Tattoo Nails DIY Painting


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This DC air compressor is suitable for makeup, cosmetics, tattoo, and beginner of hobbies.
 is made from special materials with no cylinder and oil-free design
Small size, low noise, long life and user-friendly.
It blows small, constant and steady air stream.
Ideal for painting models, cakes, nails, crafts, gadgets, etc.


There is an English Manual attached which states setup, usage, maintenance, safety requirements and all that contents.
An EXTRA adaptor/convertor will be enclosed in a package. Please remark when placing an order.

Package included
1 x Mini Air Compressor
1 x Airbrush Holder
1 x Air Filter 
1 x 1.7m Air Hose
1 x AC Transformer (US charger)
1 x Airbrush Kit 
1 x English Manual


Specification of Compressor
Model: AC003W
Type: Piston type & Oil-less
Motor: DC12V

AMP: 1.6A
Air flow: 10.5L/min
Auto stop: 25psi
Auto start: 15psi
Working pressure: 2-15psi
AC transformer(US Charger): input AC100 to 240V  50/60HZ  0.6A
Output: DC12V    1.6A
Fully Charge Time: (approx.) 4 hours (Power will automatically cut off when fully charged.)
Working Endurance: (approx.) 90 minites
N.W.: 0.71kg/pc
Dimension: 10.2*5.5*11.3 cm

Features of Compressor
Fits for fou airbrush dia. 0.2 to 0.5mm (especially perfect for make up cosmetic and so on);
Auto stop funetion;
Able to continuously work with pressure;
Working pressure is adjustable;
360 degree circumvolve airbrush holder for your convenient work.


Specification of Airbrush Kit
Contents: a dual action airbrush, color jar, color cup, nozzle spanner and a mini dropper
Model: AC005
Feed type: gravity
Nozzle Diameter:  0.3mm
Fluid Cup Capacity: 7cc & 22cc
Working pressure: 15-50psi

Comercial arts, illustrations, photo retouching, bobby and crafts.

How to Spray
1. Fill fluid in the cup after thinning appropriately.
2. Hold the airbrush lightly in you hand.
3. By pressing the main lever, a stream of air emerges. Then draw it backforward graduately for color atomization.
4. The spray pattern is in accordance with the distance between a work surface and a air brush.
5. For fine line spray, remove the needle cover and hold the air brush near a work surface.


AC Transformer
US Charger
Air Hose
Overall Length: (approx.): 1.7m
Mini Filter

Model: HS-F4

Overall Length: 6.3 cm

Features of Mini Filter
Attaching directly onto the airbrush, the mini filter is the final defense to delivery clean, dry air to the airbrush,. Miniature in size, the super-fine mini filter plays perfect performance in your airbrush work.
The clear filter bowl allows a visual inspection of built-up moisture and evacuated through a spring-loaded release valve without taking the filter off the airbrush.
Comfortable in the hand, this mini filter acts as a handle on the airbrush to relieve muscle tension.



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