Satellite Diplexer SAT Splitter Cable Satellite TV


Description :

Bidirectional Operation
2 in/1 out for combining Satellite [950-2400MHz] and UHF/VHF [5-860MHz] frequency
1 in/2 out for separating satellite and RF signals
Satellite side is DC passed allowing for LNB operation of Vertical or Horizontal polarity
Allows for 22kHz/DiSEqC signal
Combine 2 wires into one! Perfect for running cable, satellite or antenna together. No need to drill a whole througth your house, just use this switch .
This auction is for 2 brand new diplexer switches. These units work with every system on the market! These are HD Quality, not a cheap replacement you can buy anywhere !!!

Package Included :

1 x Satellite Splitter




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