Temperature Sensor 3 Color RGB Glow Water LED Faucet Tap Shower


LED faucet light 3 colors is available now from our US and UK warehouse

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Mini appearance, special design.
Easy to use,just install the device onto your tap directly.
ABS electronic kelling material,excellent corrosion resistance,durable.
Rely on hydraulic drive generating their own power,No need for the power supply, safe and environmental.
Working life: more than 6000h.
Transforming the stream of water into a beautiful waterfall of light.
The sensitive faucet light will change colors according to the temperature of water.
Can indicate your family and you not to scald the hand
Water glows Blue when water is cold (temperature below 31?).
Water glows Green when water is warm (temperature between 32?-43?).
Water glows Red when water is hot (temperature between 44?-50?).

Case material: ABS electronic kelling
LED emitting color: Blue, Green, Red
Inner diameter of tube: 2.3cm
Outer diameter of tube: 2.5cm
Length: 5.2cm
Weight: 40g

Direction for use:
Firstly,open the packaging and take out the faucet light.
Secondly,take off filter net from your tap by spanner or other appropriate tools.
Thirdly,install the device onto your tap directly.

Package included:

1 x RGB LED Fuacet Color Change Light Tap


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